Dirk Huylebrouck's architecture students build my twist-hinged benches

After I gave a presentation of the paper
"Symmetry and Structure in Twist-Hinged Dissections of Polygonal Rings and Polygonal Anti-Rings", by Greg N. Frederickson,
Proceedings of Bridges Donostia: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture, San Sebastian, Spain (July 2007), pp. 21-28.
Dirk Huylebrouck, a professor in the department of architecture at Sint Lucas (Brussels, Belgium), asked me for some of my animations, so that he could show them to his architecture students.
Several of the students got really turned on, and produced very nice models, which they then videotaped and sent to YouTube:
The first, entitled "Frederickson's Table", is accompanied by the explanation:
"Kimberley Derieuw, an architecture student, was fascinated too by Prof Frederickson's hinged tables. She made this model, and together with artist Wouter Cox she transforms the table. The music is Frank Michiels' (thank you Frank)"
The second, entitled "Table twist", is accompanied by the explanation:
"Students Frederic Tombeur and Quinten Foccaert succeeded in actually making the twisting tables proposed by Prof. Frederickson (Purdue University). Their table can be twisted easily, due to a specially designed hinge. The music is from Selah Sue, who gracefully allowed its free use because it was for mathematics?"
Thank you, Dirk, for getting your students involved in this project. It's great fun, and I'm sure that the students learned a lot!

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