Hinged Models crafted by Dave Gunderson
of my dissections of a hexagon to a triangle and a pentagon to a triangle,
which appear in Hinged Dissections: Swinging & Twisting, by Greg N. Frederickson:

In 2003, David S. Gunderson, in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manitoba, generously crafted models of two of my hinged dissections. I supplied exact measurements of angles and side lengths, and Dave went to work. The first was of a pentagon to a triangle, as described on page 109. Dave had some trouble with attaching the hinges, but in the end was successful. How pretty the brass hinges are!

. . .

The second model was of a hexagon to a triangle, as described on page 108. I guess that fighting with the hinges in the previous model had left Dave almost unhinged, because he ran out of energy to attach the hinges in this model. However, this was not a problem, as the edges were thick enough so that I could attach the pieces using a specialty tape from 3M. In fact, this was even better, because it shows off the wonderful precision that Dave was able to achieve with his cuts!

. . .

Thanks, Dave, for crafting such lovely models.
Dave also has displayed his hinged models. See his Dissections page.

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