Updates to Bibliography,
in Hinged Dissections: S winging & Twisting, by Greg N. Frederickson:

Summary of Dudeney columns, and a correction

Don Knuth has prepared a summary of Dudeney columns from The Weekly Dispatch and a summary of Dudeney columns from the Strand Magazine. He accompanies both summaries with cross-references to other columns and his books.
In the Weekly Dispatch listing, he lists a few columns for the beginning of 1904 that I had only learned of recently. His columns thus run until March 13, 1904, with the solutions appearing until March 27, 1904, rather than December 26, 1903 as I had noted. However, as best I can determine, no significant dissection problems appeared in the three additional months.

Misspelling in the reference for Appendix H

Harry Lindgren's last name is misspelled in the entry for me (Frederickson, Greg N. (1972a)), Appendix H, in Recreational Problems in Geometric Dissections & How to Solve Them.

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