News stories and news releases about Dissections: Plane & Fancy

News release from the Purdue University News Service

Susan Gaidos, a writer/publicist for the Purdue University News Service, wrote a news release that was included in the December 1997 packet on science and health news from Purdue. It also appears online:
"New book dissects mathematical puzzles and their history"

News story in the Purdue Exponent

Amy Patterson, a staff writer for The Purdue Exponent, wrote an article that appeared in the edition for Tuesday, December 9, 1997 (Vol. 113, No. 185, p. 3). It also appears online:
"Professor creates puzzle book"

News story in the Lafayette (Indiana) Journal and Courier

Kevin Cullen, a reporter for the Lafayette (Indiana) Journal and Courier (see JC Online) wrote an article that appeared in the edition for Wednesday, December 17, 1997 (pages C1, C2). There's a great color photo of me assembling the 7-pointed star in Fig. 1.1; the photo also appears on the front page as the picture lead for the Local section, along with the headline "Professor turns geometry into art". The article appears online:
" `Dissections' book about more than just geometry"

Short note in the Indianapolis Star

A short announcement of the book appeared on Monday, December 15, 1997, in the weekly edition business section, page D12, under Tech Talk, along with two other notes.

Description in the Purdue University Perspective

A half-page description of the book appeared in the "Off the Shelf" section (page 14) of the Winter 1998 issue of Purdue University Perspective, the quarterly alumni newspaper of Purdue University. (You can inspect the online version of the newspaper, although the "Off the Shelf" section does not appear online.) The description appears to be a condensation of the Purdue University news release.

Class note in the Harvard Magazine

For Harvardians, a short note under 1969 in "The Classes" section of the January-February 1998 issue of the Harvard Magazine.

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