Four Tricky Two-Way Puzzles by Tessellations
- puzzles discussed in Dissections: Plane & Fancy, by Greg N. Frederickson:

Precisely cut out of a colorful rubbery foam, these puzzles are really attractive, and reasonably priced. I was excited when I received the samples of "Four Tricky Two-Way Puzzles" from Robert Fathauer, and took some pictures on top of a piece of dark green felt. Dissections of an octagon to a square, and of an equilateral triangle to a square, are in the photo on the left. Dissections of a pentagon to a square, and of a hexagon to a square, are in the photo on the right.

. . .

Alas, I didn't keep the camera at a constant distance, so the sizes seem to differ a bit. But all four puzzles have squares that are the same size. You can see how the four squares stack in the box when viewed from the side below. They are a great gift idea for a young friend with whom you would like to share your enthusiasm for geometry and dissections. My 5-year-old son really enjoyed them!

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