Updates to "Preface",
in Dissections: Plane & Fancy, by Greg N. Frederickson:

Correcting a spelling mistake

I misspelled Duilio Carpitella's first name in the preface, but at least seemed to have gotten it right in the rest of the book. Sorry, Duilio.
(This is corrected in the paperback edition.)

Acknowledging help in these updates

It was exasperating, but also exciting, to discover that this area would not stand still just because I had sent the final version of the manuscript to the publisher. Robert Reid and Anton Hanegraaf found improvements for several dissections in the book, and Gavin Theobald improved several three-dimensional dissections. And I continued to identify that additional piece of information that makes this area so interesting.
I would like to thank Gavin Theobald, Anton Hanegraaf, and Robert Reid for permission to reproduce these new dissections. I would like to thank Teresa Uteseny and Bernard Lemaire for help in explaining the significance of the Chenez political cartoon discussed in the Afterword section of these updates. I would also like to thank Le Monde for permission to reproduce the cartoon. A thank you to David Eppstein for pointing out that Fig. 8.19 applies to a class of solutions to three squares to one. I would like to thank Volker Priebe and Edgar Ramos for permission to reproduce their work on dissection proofs.
I would like to thank Vladimir Belov for sending me copies of the sections of a number of Russian puzzle books that dealt with geometric dissections. I would like to thank Leonid Mochalov for sending me the 1996 edition of his book, plus additional material. I would like to thank Erik Demaine for sending me a copy of Kan Chu Sen's book on mathematical contests. I would like to thank Joe Malkevitch for suggesting several references. I would like to thank Sandy Kline for reminding me of a second way to convert a triangle to its mirror image. Thanks to Michael Reid for pointing out two typos. Thanks to Alfred Varsady for pointing out an omission in the index of dissections. Thanks to Elaine Ellison for pointing out Bruyr's book to me. I would like to thank Denes Nagy for pointing out the language in which Bolyai wrote. I would like to thank Sherman Stein for a clarification. I would like to thank Anton Hanegraaf for sharing several references with me. I would like to thank Elisabeth Hambrusch for translating two of Leonardo's sentences for me. I would like to thank Günter Rote for pointing out an error in Steinhaus's book, a typo on my webpages, and an error in my book related to the German language. I would like to thank Alain Rousseau for pointing out a mistake in the written description of the T-slide. Thanks also to Richard Bingle for assistance in interfacing with the world wide web.
I would like to thank Interlibrary Loan for continued assistance in lending me research materials. I would like to acknowledge the University of Minnesota libraries, the University of Illinois libraries, at the Tisch Library at Tufts University which I visited.

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Last updated June 6, 2001.