My meeting with Bernard Lemaire, who contributed dissections of crosses to
Dissections: Plane & Fancy, by Greg N. Frederickson:

In August 1999, I met Bernard Lemaire and his wife Patricia in London. We had corresponded together for the first time in the mid-1970's, after the revised edition of Harry Lindgren's book had come out. So our first face-to-face meeting was long overdue! Bernard had contributed a couple of dissections to chapter 14, and his biography appears near the end of that chapter, on page 162.

Since Pat is English, Bernard knows London very well, and he had a very nice pub in mind for lunch and sort of knew where it was. I had forgotten that besides dissections, one of his interests was knight covers of the chessboard! In the afternoon we covered a lot of territory of both London (Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, the Thames) and dissections (his recent cross dissections and my manuscript on hinged dissections). This was altogether a lot of fun. The picture of Pat and me is in front of the Tower of London, where people were "dissected" in earlier times.

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