The "Plane & Fancy" T-shirt, a cotton companion to
Dissections: Plane & Fancy, by Greg N. Frederickson:

When I pressed my editor for a preference regarding a "Plane & Fancy" coffee mug versus a "Plane & Fancy" T-shirt, she voted without hesitation for the coffee mug. But the mugs turned out to be too pricey in lots of less than a thousand, so the mathematical puzzle world is stuck with "Plane & Fancy" T-shirts.
These are Hanes Beefy-T (100% preshrunk cotton) cream-colored T-shirts silk-screened on the front in 3 colors with the words and the dissection from the cover of the book. They were produced by Paul Miller of RockNRoll Alley, Lafayette, Indiana. These shirts look great either being displayed to the admiring `mathetudes' ...

or being worn boldly in all corners of the universe ...

Check the photo gallery to see Anton Hanegraaf, the first person ever to be photographed wearing one.
Once my second book came out, I let my never-very-large supply run down. They're all gone now. Sorry!
News Flash!: Twenty years on, now that the original Plane & Fancy T-shirts are faded and threadbare (and most likely squirreled away in dusty bureaus), another new (hopefully exciting) dissections book has just crowded onto the scene. You can find out here what that means for the fashion world.

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