Feel free to email me at , talk to me on Jabber/XMPP/Google Chat at username, or AIM on the screen name GregorRP.

My CV and application materials.


In the spring of 2014 I will be teaching

In the past I have been a TA for C, programming languages, software engineering and introductory programming courses.


My academic advisor is Jan Vitek.


My research is in programming language and virtual machine design, in particular dynamic and gradually-typed languages. I am interested in designing a gradually-typed superset of JavaScript which

I am currently with a group analyzing the dynamic behavior of JavaScript programs. My personal research in this area goes to developing Plof, which at present is just a toy for testing theories in dynamic language design.



At my heart I'm a coder. When I learn something new from research, the itch to actually code it up is almost unbearable. Here are a few things I've written that could potentially be useful or interesting to others:


Everybody needs a life outside of research, right? I write music in a neoromantic style influenced by Borodín, Chopin, and various other composers who I'm not particularly worthy of comparing myself to. More information is available on my music page.


At the moment, (slightly) more useful information on me can be found at my personal homepage, Interested in my hat collection? You can decide which one I'll wear!