Rocketfuel-to-ns Tool Suite from Purdue University

rocketfuel-to-ns is a utility to convert RocketFuel-format data files into a set of configuration files runnable on am emulation testbed like the DETER testbed. Experiment configurations generated with this tool have the advantage of not being totally synthetic representations of the Internet; they provide a router-level topology based off real measurement data.

The current version of the tools is 1.0. A note will be posted to this web page whenever a new version becomes available.

New on September 15, 2007:
Version 1.0 released.

This work has been supported in part by NSF grant CNS-0523249, NSF/DHS grant CNS-0335247, and a subcontract from the University of Delaware.

Created by: David W. Bettis
Last updated by: Wei-Min Yao
September 15th, 2007