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CS 59100-DSN: Distributed Systems and Networking Seminar: Spring 2012

The goal of the seminar is to allow students and faculty to get together on a weekly basis to discuss topics ranging from papers published in recent networking conferences such as SIGCOMM, INFOCOM, ICNP, and IMC, and systems conferences such as NSDI, SOSP, and OSDI, to their own research. Every week, one (or two) persons lead the discussion. In time, all those interested in networking and systems can be informed about cutting-edge research in these areas. The seminar is open to all; however, you are expected to present at some point (not everyone will present every semester).

Venue: LWSN 1106
Timing: Wednesdays 3:30 -- 4:20 PM

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Date Title Presenter
1/18 Parallel Symbolic Execution for Automated Real-World Software Testing (EuroSys 2011)
Hyojeong Lee
1/25 Finding Complex Concurrency Bugs in Large Multi-Threaded Applications (EuroSys 2011)
Bo Sang
2/1 The Power of Prediction: Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction (SIGCOMM 2011) [Slides]
Duong Ngoc Nguyen
2/8 Detecting and Surviving Data Races using Complementary Schedules (SOSP 2011)
William Culhane
2/15 Refuse to crash with Re-FUSE (Eurosys 2011)
Sunghwan Yoo
2/22 Fine-Grained Power Modeling for Smartphones Using System Call Tracing (EuroSys 2011)
Ning Ding
2/29 Let the Market Drive Deployment: A Strategy for Transitioning to BGP Security (SIGCOMM 2011)
Jiahong Zhu
3/7 Demystifying Configuration Challenges and Trade-Offs in Network-based ISP Services (SIGCOMM 2011)
Debbie Perouli
3/14 No seminar (Spring vacation)
3/21 Understanding Network Failures in Data Centers: Measurement, Analysis, and Implications (SIGCOMM 2011)
Wei-Chiu Chuang
3/28 Header Space Analysis: Static Checking For Networks (NSDI 2012)
Advait Dixit
4/4 Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly (NSDI 2012)
Sriharsha Gangam
4/11 The TCP Outcast Problem: Exposing Unfairness in Data Center Networks (NSDI 2012)
Pawan Prakash
4/18 Structured Comparative Analysis of Systems Logs to Diagnose Performance Problems (NSDI 2012)
Karthik Nagaraj
4/25 Broadband Internet Performance: A View From the Gateway (SIGCOMM 2011)
Hitesh Khandelwal

Possible topics for this semester:

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Possible papers for this semester:

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