CS590N: Topics in QoS-Sensitive Networked Services


        Dongyan Xu 
        Email: dxu@cs.purdue.edu 
        Office: 114 Computer Science Building
        Phone: 494-6182

Time and Location

        Time: noon - 1:15PM, Tuesday and Thursday
        Place: B242 LAEB (Liberal Arts and Education Building)
        Office Hour: TBA 

Course Description

This course covers issues in building QoS (Quality of Service) sensitive networked services on top of the wired and wireless Internet infrastructure. Examples of such networked services include media streaming, personal messaging, group communication, and E-commerce. These services are value-added and application-level services based on the network infrastructure. We will study the impact of network infrastructure on the design, implementation, and performance of networked services, as well as system support for the provision of QoS in these services. Detailed topics include:

Course Schedule and Materials

        Textbooks: None
        Reading list: follow this link for the reading list and course schedule.
        Classnotes: follow this link for classnotes and presentation slides.


CS354 and CS422, or consent of instructor. 

Grading Policy

Each student is expected to (1) present two papers from the reading list, (2) write a two-paragraph critique on the paper to be presented (whether one is the presenter or not) before each class, (3) participate in discussion during and after each presentation, and (4) do a course project related to the general topic of this course but not limited to the specific topics covered by the papers presented. Final grade breakdown: 30% on paper critiques, 30% on presentation and class participation, and 40% on course project.