CS590N: Topics in Peer-to-Peer Networks and Services


        Dongyan Xu, Assistant Professor of CS 
        Email: dxu@cs.purdue.edu 
        Office: 114 Computer Science Building
        Phone: 494-6182

Time and Location

        Time: TTU 4:30PM - 5:45PM
        Place: UNIV 217
        Office Hour: Monday 2PM - 4PM 

Topics Covered (tentative)

        P2P routing and lookup protocols;
        P2P storage services;
        P2P security services;
        P2P data management;
        P2P E-commerce;
        Case study of P2P systems;

Course Schedule and Materials

        Textbooks: None
        Reading list: follow this link for the reading materials and course schedule.  
        Classnotes: follow this link for classnotes and presentation slides. 
         Take-home final exam is now posted here on Monday, November 25 at 8:00AM. 
        Your handin is due Tuesday, November 26 at 5:00PM. 


CS354 and CS422, or consent of instructor. 

Grading Policy

Every student is expected to (1) present two papers from the reading list, (2) write a two-paragraph critique on the paper to be presented (whether one is the presenter or not) before each class, (3) participate in discussion during and after each presentation, and (4) do a course project related to the general topic of this course but not limited to the specific topics covered by the papers presented. Final grade breakdown: 15% on paper reviews, 15% on presentation and class participation, 10% on project one, 40% on project two, and 20% on final exam.