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Artistic Visualizations

I love preparing fun visualizations of datasets I use. This page documents these visualizations I prepare. The goal is beauty, not utility.

Old Projects

These are projects I've worked on in the past that I don't consider active any longer.

The World of Music

Using data from the LAUNCHcast network, I helped examine the structure of the data. We found that an SDP embedding produced a facinating layout of the relationships between musical artists.

Visual Movie Suggestions

Based on user-movie ratings from GroupLens we generated a movie-movie similarity graph. This Java applet allows you to browse our graph!

Parallel PageRank

A summary of my work on the performance of parallel implementations of PageRank.

PCA and ICA with Neural Networks

While in undergraduate school, I studied computing PCA and ICA decompositions using neural networks. I've kept the website around for fun.