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Computational Methods in Optimization

David Gleich

Purdue University

Spring 2017

Course number CS-52000

Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30-2:45pm

Location Lawson B134

Initial survey -- your course goals

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences in a typed manuscript and submit the solution on blackboard by the due date there.


  1. Please tell me about yourself: name, MS/PhD objective, adviser (if you have one), year in program, research area.

  2. Why are you taking the class?

The course

  1. Please answer the late work policy survey on Piazza.

  2. Do you want to see formal proofs that the optimization algorithms work, or would intuitive arguments be okay?

  3. Would you rather see more optimization software packages and ideas and less depth, or would you rather have more depth and fewer ideas?

  4. In an effort to tie faces to names, please upload a recent photo of yourself at a reasonable resolution to the blackboard question.

  5. What have other professors done that you've found helps you learn?


  1. Tell me about your previous linear algebra, matrix analysis, or numerical analysis classes. What topics did you cover?

  2. Tell me about any mathematical analysis classes you've had.

Numerical computing software

  1. Have you used Julia before?

  2. Have you used Matlab before?

  3. Have you used NumPy/SciPy before?

  4. Have you used R before?

  5. Have you used Mathematica before?

  6. Any other numerical computing packages?

  7. Have you used any optimization software before, if so, which one(s)?

The course

  1. Which of the topics from the syllabus are you most excited about?

  2. Anything missing from the syllabus you were hoping to learn about?


  1. The courses for this class will be recorded, do you have any reservations about that?