Dynamic PageRank using Evolving Teleportation

Ryan A. Rossi

David F. Gleich

These codes are research prototypes and may not work for you. No promises. But do email if you run into problems.



Start matlab in the directory where you unzipped the dynamic-pr.tar.gz file

$ matlab
>> load data/wikipedia2009-drp.mat

Once that's all done, the following should work (in Matlab)

>> v = normcols(v);
>> X = dynamic_pagerank(A,v);

See examples.m for other examples

Please let me know if you run into any issues.


The package is organized by directory

All of the main matlab codes
data files for the experiments, and precomputed data
this information and all the figures


|Experiment|Description|Figure| |:------------------|:------------------------------------|:------------------| |isim.m | The intersection similarity plot | Fig. 2 | |time_series_dpr.m | Dynamic pagerank time-series plot | Fig. 3 | |wiki/twitter_forecasting_models.m | Performance of Dynamic PageRank for prediction | Tab. 3 |