Andrew (Drew) Davis
Computer Science Student / Teaching Assistant
Purdue University

Contact Me

GitHub: andrewsdavis
LinkedIn: andrewsd


Hello there! My name is Andrew Davis, and I am a sophomore in computer science at Purdue University. I am currently working as a teaching assistant for CS180, as well as a security analyst for RSA, The Security Division on Dell EMC.

My academic concentrations are focused in software engineering, security, and information systems, and I am also pursuing a minor in mathematics.

A public version of my resume can be found here.

If you work at or attend Purdue University and would like to meet with me, you can schedule a meeting with me here.


Semester Course Description Position
Fall 2018 CS180 Object-Oriented Programming & Problem Solving (Java) Development Team
Summer 2018 CS Bridge Introduction to Programming and Java Teaching Assistant
CS180 Object-Oriented Programming & Problem Solving (Java) Teaching Assistant

Relevant Coursework

Semester Course Description
Fall 2018 CS250 Computer Architecture
CS251 Data Structures & Algorithms
MA261 Multivariate Calculus
Spring 2018 CS182 Foundations of Computer Science (Discrete Mathematics)
CS240 Programming in C
MA166 Calculus II
Fall 2017 CS180 Object-Oriented Programming & Problem Solving (Java)
MA165 Calculus I