CS53000 - Spring 2021
Introduction to Scientific Visualization


Prof. Xavier Tricoche

Office: Home

Office hours: M/W 10am - 11am (Campuswire)


Teaching Assistant

Dana El-Rushaidat

Office: Home

Office hours: Tue 10am - 11am, Thur: 11am - 12pm and by appointment


Time and Location

M/W/F: 11:30pm - 12:20pm
Online (synchronous)

Course Summary

Scientific visualization is concerned with the visual representation of numerical datasets obtained through measurements or computational simulations of natural phenomena. Visualization creates interactive graphical interfaces to datasets of ever increasing size and complexity that affords scientists and engineers a powerful and intuitive basis for interpretation, assessment, and decision making.

The course covers the fundamental principles of this discipline and describes the most prominent visualization techniques used in practice. In particular, the course presents both basic and more advanced visualization algorithms for 2D, 3D, and time-dependent datasets corresponding to scalar, vector, and tensor attributes, as well as high-dimensional and non-spatial data. The lectures emphasize the practical applications of these techniques in science, engineering, and medicine. The material is mostly self-contained and no graphics background is required. The programming assignments explore the use of visualization in the study of real-world datasets.


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