CS 390S: Secure Programming


Student's choice: 2 out of these 6 possibilities.
Labs are described at the SEED project. The choices are:
  1. Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Lab: exploit the buffer overflow vulnerability.
  2. Return-to-libc Attack Lab: exploit the buffer-overflow vulnerabilities using return-to-libc attacks.
  3. Format String Vulnerability Lab: exploit the format string vulnerability.
  4. Race Condition Vulnerability Lab: exploit the race condition vulnerability.
  5. Chroot Sandbox Vulnerability Lab: explore how the chroot sandbox can be broken.
  6. Cross-site Scripting Attack Lab: exploiting cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
Turn in your first choice by February 20 and your second by April 9 extended by request to April 16, but note that I will be traveling and unable to answer lab questions from Saturday to Wednesday morning.
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