CS348: Information Systems

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Course Essentials


TR 10:30-11:45am, Aug 25 - Dec 13, 2014,  LWSN B155




Pelin Angin

·        Email: pangin<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Email for assignments: cs348f14<AT>gmail<DOT>com

·        Office: LWSN 1202

·        Office hours: Tue 11:50 am-12:50 pm AND Wed 12:20-1:20 pm


 M: 9:30-11:20am LWSN B146, W: 9:30-11:20am LWSN B148, W: 1:30-3:20pm LWSN B146



Mohamed Saber Abdelfattah Hassan

·        Email: msaberab<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: At PSO or by appointment

Changping Meng

·        Email: meng40<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: By appointment

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Course Description

This course covers fundamental concepts of database and information systems. These concepts include database modeling and design, relational databases, querying and SQL, object-based databases, XML and web databases, data storage, transactions, database system architectures, data mining and warehousing techniques, JDBC, privacy, integrity, and security.