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”THE classic text for an introduction to TCP/IP.“

”A landmark book.“

”Excellent book! Thank you!“

”A true masterpiece.“

”The 6th Edition of Comer's classic Internetworking documents the ongoing and accelerating evolution of the Internet, while predicting the future with unmatched understanding and clarity.“

”Although others have tried, there is no better written or organized explanation of the core of TCP/IP.“

”This is the book I go to for clear explanations of the basic principles and latest developments in TCP/IP technologies. It's a `must have' reference for networking professionals.“

”One of the greatest books I have read. True genius is when you are not only fluent in your field, but can get your point across simply. Thank you Dr. Comer for writing a great book!“

The fourth edition of Volume I continues Comer's tradition of covering the latest Internet technology with the clear explanations and attention to detail that a generation of networkers have learned to expect and depend on.

”The best-written TCP/IP book I have ever read. Dr. Comer explains complex ideas clearly, with excellent diagrams and explanations. With this edition, Dr. Comer makes this classic textbook contemporary.“

”As an introduction to the TCP/IP protocol suite and its underpinnings, this is an excellent book. It is also a good reference to keep around for anyone who is working with TCP/IP.“

”Unquestionably THE reference for TCP/IP; both informative and easy to read, this book is liked by both novice and experienced.“

”This update to the definitive reference for the Internet's key technologies confirms Doug Comer's reputation for clear and accurate presentation of essential information; it should be the cornerstone of any Internet professional's library.“

”In a world of complexity, the ability to convey knowledge as opposed to information from a search engine is quite hard. Few make it seem as easy as Doug Comer, whose book Internetworking Volume 1 continues to play a key role in teaching us about the role of protocols in the ever-changing Internet.“

”Doug Comer remains the first and best voice of Internet technology. Despite the legion of `Internet carpetbaggers' (the current crop of `authors' who can barely spell F-T-P) which contributes noise - but no knowledge - on the Internet and its infrastructure, Dr. Comer shines through as the premiere source for lucid explanations and accurate information. He sets a standard for which many strive, but precious few attain.“

”Comer's Volume 1 drastically changed the course of networking history.“ Rapid evolution of the Internet is happening as the entire world uses the Internet on a daily, hourly, or even continuous basis (as is the case with my grandchildren). Comer accurately tracks the relevant technological underpinnings for those building the Internet today.“

”...one of the best textbooks I have ever read.“

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