Enthusiastic Comments About

”Finally, a book that helps reunite the disciplines of computer engineering and network engineering.“

”A sturdy and clear explanation of the intricacies of designing and using network processors. I expect it to become the standard textbook on the subject.“

”Professor Comer has done it again. This is another comprehensive book from him \*- this time on designing network systems with a specific focus on the emerging area of network processors. Engineers and students will definitely find this book valuable.“

”This book is required reading for anyone who wants to understand what goes on inside the plethora of magic boxes that make the Internet work.“

”The author shows an amazing understanding of the subtle issues.“

”This book is excellent: clearly written, easy to understand, and comprehensive.“

Network Systems Design Using Network Processors has been a boon in both my professional network processing life and my part-time teaching career. Colleagues, undergraduates and graduate students alike appreciate its excellent fusion of network processing design principles, current architectures, and architectural directions. Dr. Comer's text worked very well the first semester I taught from it, and I am looking forward to using it again this fall.“

”Comer discusses all of the crucial architectural and economic decisions that drive modern network systems design today. Network Systems Design will be extremely helpful to engineers building those systems, as well as anyone interested in understanding how they work.“

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