Enthusiastic Comments About

”The book is one of the best that I have ever read. Thank you.“

”An excellent book for beginners and professionals alike - well written, comprehensive coverage, and easy to follow.“

”You have solved all the CCNA problems for me... in simple words, your book saved my life.“

”Superb in breadth of coverage. Simplicity in delivery is the hallmark -- a must read for starters or those engaged in the networking domain.“

”The breadth is astonishing.“

”I just could not put it down before I finished it. It was simply superb.“

”The miniature webserver in Chapter 3 is brilliant - readers will get a big thrill out of it.“

”Your on-line supplements to the textbook are amazing.“

”Despite the plethora of acronyms that infest the discipline of networking, this book is not intimidating. Comer is an excellent writer, who expands and explains the terminology. The text covers the entire scope of networking from wires to the web. I find it outstanding.“

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