Some PhD Theses of Former Students

Visualization of Four-Dimensional Space and Its Applications(1991)
The thesis by Jianhua Zhou describes a sophisticated visualization system that was built for SGI graphics workstations at the time. Applications in Mathematics and in Engineering are explored. Unfortunately, color plates and animations have been lost. Download in pdf format (4MB).
Medial Axis Conversion (1994)
The thesis by Pam Vermeer studies the conversion of medial axis transforms to boundary representation. Download in pdf format (3.86 MB).
Representation, Evaluation and Editing of Feature-Based and Constraint-Based Design (1995)
The thesis by Xiangping Chen reports a novel, well-thought-out schema for persistent naming. Download in pdf format (0.5 MB).
Constraint Solving for Computer-Aided Design (1995)
The thesis of Ioannis Fudos established the bottom-up, graph-directed variational constraint solving paradigm.  Download in pdf format (0.6MB).
Symbolic and Numerical Techniques for Constraint Solving (1998)
Cassiano Durand's thesis investigates systematic simplification and homotopy techniques to solve algebraic equations arising in spatial constraint solving.  Download in pdf format (2.69 MB).
Visualization and Animation for Situation Awareness (2000)
The thesis by Young Jun Kim studies how to analyze and display with cognitive sophistication moving platforms. Download in pdf format (1.65 MB).