CS 43400, Spring 2017, Advanced Computer Graphics

Prof. Christoph M. Hoffmann

Lectures in Lawson B134, MWF 9:30-10:20
PSO in Lawson B131, T 3:30-5:20

Course Information

The course delves into advanced topis of computer graphics. It will be run as a project course. Links to resources will be posted later.

Office Hours

Chris Hoffmann(cmh@purdue.edu):  By appointment, or just show up.  If I am in, I can take care of your questions and concerns. My office is 3183 Lawson.

Important Resources

Emergency Preparedness
Academic Integrity
Policies to be aware of



Top Performers

Closest Pair problem: Paul Viville. Radix sort and grid.


You need the header file, library and dll of freeglut. Download the zip file with these things. Unzip and install it in your project.

When developing your programs, keep in mind that you need to keep it in the non-volatile storage: Use the W-drive. Follow these instructions.