Assignment 2: Association Rule Mining

Start date 26 January, due 2 February beginning of class.

Exercises from the Book

Complete the following exercises from the book.

  1. 6.3
  2. 6.7
  3. 6.11
  4. (From Han&Kamber Question 6.3(a):) For the following database,
    1. Construct the FP-tree and mine rules using FP-growth having support ≥ 60% and confidence ≥ 80%:
      T10010/15/99{K, A, D, B}
      T20010/15/99{D, A, C, E, B}
      T30010/19/99{C, A, B, E}
      T40010/22/99{B, A, D}
    2. Suppose the following transactions are added to the database:
      T50010/27/99{K, A, C}
      T60010/28/99{A, B, C}
      Can you figure out a more efficient means of updating the FP-tree and mining new rules than starting from scratch? You need not give a complete algorithm (although you may), but you should at least enumerate the difficulties/challenges (e.g., things you'd need to keep track of.)

Turning in assignment

Electronic submission preferred. Please email to Pdf is the safest for capturing non-text (see ghostscript.) Hard copy is acceptable, please hand in at the beginning of class.

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