Fourth Midwest Database Research Symposium

Saturday, April 14, 2007 Purdue University

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Within just a few hours driving distance, the midwest has an incredible collection of database researchers and students. The goal of the Midwest Database Research Symposium is to strengthen the ties between these individuals and encourage future discussions, interactions and collaborations, through a day of interaction and networking once a year. To foster on-to-one interaction, this year's Symposium will focus on poster sessions and demos. We will have two "split" poster sessions (so people have a chance to see posters from all other schools), with sufficient room for every attendee who wants to (and even some non-attendees) to have a poster. There will also be room for attendees to present demos along with their posters.

Attendees will register on site to receive a name tag. No preregistration is needed, other than a headcount of attendees from each school's coordinator. Each school's coordinator should also send a headcount of demo presenters, as there is limited demo space. Information will be available at the registration desk on the day of the symposium about where to set up demos and posters and how to get wireless access.

If you are interested in attending and your University isn't listed (or if you aren't at a University), please contact Chris Clifton (clifton at with the name and email of the contact for your institution (e.g., yourself.)

We expect attendees this year from the following institutions:

Spring Arbor UniversityShasha Wu (swu@arbor) 1 0-2 1 0
CaseZ. Meral Ozsoyoglu (mxo2@case) ? ? ? ?
CincinnatiKaren Davis (karen.davis@uc) ? ? ? ?
IITWai Gan Yee (yee@iit) 0 1 (needs ride) 1 0
IndianaMelanie Wu (yuqwu@indiana) 4 9 6 0
Iowa StateVasant Honavar (honavar@cs.iastate) ? ? ? ?
Kent StateRuoming Jin (jin@cs.kent) 1 3 5 ?
KentuckyAlexander Dekhtyar (dekhtyar@cs.uky) ? ? ? ?
LouisvilleAntonio Badia (badia@louisville) 0 0 3? 0
MichiganH. V. Jagadish (jag@eecs.umich) ? 6-7 2-3 ?
NebraskaPeter Z. Revesz (revesz@cse.unl) 0 0 0 0
NorthwesternPeter Scheuermann (peters@eecs.northwestern) ? ? ? ?
Notre DameTanu Malik (tmalik@cs.jhu) 0 1 1 0
Ohio StateHakan Ferhatosmanoglu (hakan@cse.ohio-state) 1 11 8 0?
PurdueChris Clifton (clifton@cs.purdue) ? ? 3+ ?
UICIsabel Cruz (ifc@cs.uic) 1 7 1 1
UIUCKevin Chang (kcchang@cs.uiuc) 2? 19 14 3
WisconsinNancy Wiegand (wiegand@cs.wisc) ? ? ? ?

If you'd like to see who really showed up (70 signed in, and a few were here that didn't sign in), you can take a look at photos provided by Deng Cai.


9:00(EST for those from West of here...) Registration and continental breakfast
9:50Opening Remarks
10:00Preview of Coming Attractions (part 1)
11:00Poster and Demo Session IA: Michigan, Kent State, Louisville, (UIUC set up, but time to go see other posters)
11:30Lunch arrives (UIUC is first in line)
12:00Poster and Demo Session IB: UIUC, (Michigan, Kent State, Louisville set up but can grab lunch and visit UIUC's posters)
1:15Poster and Demo Session IIA: Spring Arbor, IIT, Indiana, Notre Dame, UIC (Ohio State, Purdue, anyone else set up but time to visit other posters)
2:15Poster and Demo Session IIB: Ohio State, Purdue, anyone else (Spring Arbor, IIT, Indiana, Notre Dame, UIC set up but time to visit other posters)
3:00Preview of Coming Attractions (part 2)
4:00Planning next year's event (faculty only)
4:15Official closing (but feel free to stick around and talk)

No proceedings will be published, however we plan a brief summary (event report) for SIGMOD Record.

All sessions of the Symposium will be held at the the new Richard and Patricia Lawson Computer Science Building at Purdue University, at the northwest corner of 3rd and University streets in West Lafayette. The address is 305 N. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2107. Parking is available free of charge (after 5pm on Friday) in the parking structure across the street (southwest corner of 3rd and University.) Most mapping services seem to give pretty good directions to the above address.

If you need accomodations, be aware that due to West Lafayette's wonderful reputation as a spring break hot spot, hotels may be hard to find. Seriously, it seems to be some sort of parents weekend and Spring Fest (where you can do such fun things as have insects for lunch) and the decent hotels in West Lafayette are booked. Quite a bit available at reasonable prices in Lafayette, however. For those on a tight budget, we can arrange some private housing with faculty/students - contact Chris Clifton (clifton at if you need such arrangements.

Rules for Demos and Posters

  1. Demos
    • Each person presenting a demo should bring a laptop that can run the demo.
    • Wireless internet access will be available for demos. Power may not be available in the demo area, so precharge laptop batteries.
    • Everyone who wants to do a demo can do one, subject to space limitations. Each school should choose their own demos and send a headcount of demo presenters to clifton at to ensure that there is sufficient table space for all demo presenters.
  2. Posters
    • Print out your poster, attach it to a stiff backing of foam board or cardboard, and bring it to the Symposium with you. We will set up easels to hold your posters in the Lawson building commons.
    • The easels have an A-frame shape and will accept a poster on stiff poster board. If your poster is floppy, then bring some small clips with you so that you can clip it to the back of someone else's (stiff) poster to keep it from falling off the easel.
    • The exact size and form of the poster is up to the presenter.

Best Posters of 2007

Thanks to the efforts of Professors Beth Plale (IU), Ruoming Jin (Kent State), Lorenzo Martino (Purdue), and Luo Si (Purdue), we would like to announce the following awards for best posters of 2007:

Symposium Organization

Organizing committee co-chairs
Chris Clifton, Purdue University
Marianne Winslett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Kevin Chang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alexander Dekhtyar, University of Kentucky
Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu, Ohio State University
H. V. Jagadish, University of Michigan
Ruoming Jin, Kent State
Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, Case Western Reserve University
Yuqing Melanie Wu, Indiana University
Peter Revesz, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Peter Scheuermann, Northwestern University
Nancy Wiegand, University of Wisconsin
Isabel Cruz, University of Illinois at Chicago
Wai Gen Yee, Illinois Institute of Technology

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