CS 591 RS1 - Research Seminar For First Year Grad Students

Fall 2017

Course Management


  • LWSN B155
  • Monday and Wednesday 3:30-4:30 starting October 18


  • Zhiyuan Li
  • Office: LWSN 3154H


In the first part of this lecture series, faculty and staff introduce to the first year graduate students the general ideas and issues concerning research in the CS department. After that, faculty representatives from several research areas will present an overview of the state of the art in those areas and some of the topics pursued in the department.


Grading is pass/fail and is based primarily on attendance. Students are expected to attend all lectures. Students coming to the lecture more than 10 minutes late will be counted as absent.

If a lecture is missed, the student may make up by viewing the archived video of the lecture. The student will then write a one-page summary of the lecture contents and prepare for a possible short presentation and discussion in a review session towards the end of the semester. This summary and the presentation/discussion (if taking place) will then be a factor for the grade. The written summary should include a statement about the overall theme of the video, and an explanation of at least 3 major points made by the speaker. The student can submit a hard copy of the summary at a later lecture (to the convener of that lecture) or email an electronic copy to Professor Zhiyuan Li the coordinator. No student is allowed to miss more than two lectures (even with making up described above) without an explicit prior consent from the coordinator.

Lecture Schedules (subject to change)

Date Speaker Topic Slides Archived Video
10/18 A panel of faculty and staff Introduction & Adsivory Relationships in Life as a CS Graduate Student    
10/23 Professor E. H. Spafford What is Science   (rescheduled)  
10/25 Professor E. H. Spafford Ethics and Integrity   Video  
10/30 Professor V. Popescu Process of Writing a CS Paper Slides Video  
11/1 Professor E. H. Spafford What Is Science   Video
11/6 Professor D. Comer Research Careers in Academia and Industry   No video
11/8 Professor M. Witt How to Use Purdue Library Resources
(Bring a laptop/tablet to participate!)
Slides Video
11/13 Professor J. Honorio Machine Learning and AI Research in CS (I)    
11/15 Professor D. Aliaga Graphics and Visualization Research in CS Video
11/20 Profs. A. Kate & B. Lee Security and Privacy Research in CS    
11/22 Thanksgiving (no school)  
11/27 Professor D. Goldwasser Machine Learning and AI Research in CS (II)    
11/29 Profs. C. Peng & H. Wang Networking and Mobile Computing Research in CS    
12/4 Professor D. Gleich Computational Science and Engineering Research in CS    
12/6 Professor B. Delaware Programming Language & Compiler Research in CS