CS 352: Compilers: Principles and Practice

Spring 2015

Instructor: Zhiyuan Li (office: LWSN 3154H)

This page contains only the syllabus accessible to the general public. Enrolled students please access the rest of the important course information on Piazza (to be up at the beginning of the Spring semester). The grade book will be maintained on Purdue's Blackboard.

Textbook No required textbook.

Recommended reference Book:

Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools (Second Edition)
A Aho & M. Lam & Sethi & Ullman

Course Objectives

Main Course Work

Academic Integrity Policy

Unless specified otherwise explicitly in the specific assignment/project handout, all assignments and projects must be completed by each student independently. Copying, either electronically or manually, from others' work (from Purdue students or external sources such as the internet) is a violation of the policy. Letting a student copy one's work is also a violation. If a student claims that his/her work is copied by another student without consent, then the case will be reported, as a theft, to appropriate authorities, with the student who owns the stolen work as a key witness. A case of theft will normally result in a more severe consequence than an academic dishonesty case.

The teaching staff will diligently examine all submitted work, possibly with the help of software tools, to make sure the honesty policy is not violated.

Depending on the severity of violation, the first offense will receive a penalty of either a zero point for the specific assignment and/or an automatic reduction of the final letter grade, e.g. A to B, B to C, etc. Multiple (i.e. two or more) offenses will automatically result in a failing letter grade for the course and a report to the university. Any dispute with the decision will be handled by the Deans of Students Office.

The instructor will collect signed agreement from all enrolled students in the first class. If a student does not consent with the policy stated above, he or she must explain the reason to the instructor immediately after the first class. If agreement cannot be reached after discussion, the student must either withdraw from the course or appeal to the CS department immediately after the first day of the class. Students who fail to sign the agreement in the first week will be reported to CS Undergraduate Committee and possibly Deans of Students Office, and no submitted course work will be accepted by the teaching staff.