Some hints for good email conduct

Make the Subject line useful

Check your spelling

Use good grammar

Use (but don't overuse) *asterisks* or CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis

Include relevant lines from the other person prefaced by > in your reply...

> Do you think we should have the meeting at 2:00 today
> or would it be better to have it tomorrow?

I would prefer tomorrow.

No Flaming -- Don't say anything via email that you would not say face-to-face in front of your mother

Keep line lengths to 70 characters or less

"Sign" your email message at least with your name followed by a line of dashes, underscores, or equal signs...

Betty Williamson

Make sure to "sign" the email message with your real name ... especially if your email address is NOT your real name

An unsigned email message from is like a phone call from someone who refuses to identify himself

(The "signing" rule above may be relaxed if you are certain the recipient knows who you are....)

Keep signatures to 6 lines or less...

Dr. H. E. Dunsmore              | 765-494-1996
Department of Computer Science  |
Purdue University               |
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1398   | 765-494-0739 (fax)

Smileys ( Emoticons)..

:-)  happy
:-(  sad
:-o  shocked
plus a million more

As you begin to get a lot of email, perform "Email Triage" to manage it:
(1) Immediate response
(2) Respond when time allows (put in "waiting" folder)
(3) No response (delete after reading -- sometimes BEFORE reading)