Module 3. Standard Operations and Functions Exercises

1.  With the division (/) operator, what happens if one operand is
float and the other is integer?

2.  Write a C++ statement equivalent to
   mass *= force;
that does NOT use the compound multiplication assignment operator.

3.  Write a C++ relational expression that compares variables peanut
and butter to see if they are equal.

4.  Convert the following English sentence into a valid C++ boolean
expression.  Assume that year has been declared to be an integer
variable.  Use parentheses to show clearly the order of operations you
intend.  Also, you may use the literal constants 4, 0, 100, and 400 in
your answer:

"The expression is true if year is divisible by four unless it is
divisible also by 100.  A year divisible by 100 must also be divisible
by 400 for the expression to be true."