CS 590M -- Information Systems

Chapter 13 -- Enhancing Management Decision Making

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Teaching Objectives

Key Terms

Decision support system (DSS)
Memory aids
Control aids
DSS database
Model base
Sensitivity analysis
DSS software system
Group decision support system (GDSS)
Electronic meeting system (EMS)
Executive support system (ESS)
Briefing books
Drill down

Chapter Outline

13.1 Decision Support Systems (DSS)

What Are Decision Support systems?

Examples of DSS Applications

Components of DSS

Building DSS

13.2 Group Decision-Support Systems (GDSS)

What is a GDSS?

Characteristics of GDSS

GDSS Software Tools

How GDSS Can Enhance Group Decision Making

13.3 Executive Support Systems (ESS)

The Role of ESS in the Organization

Developing ESS

Benefits of ESS

Examples of ESS

Internet Resources

A very complete list of Decision Support Systems Sites may be found at a Website sponsored by the University of Kentucky Initiative for Knowledge Management (KIKM) and the Center for Information Systems Management (CISM).

The Government of Egypt's Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) discussed on pages 409-410 provides the Egyptian Cabinet with decision and information support.

Ventana Corporation's GroupSystems Standard Tools (mentioned on page 417) include Categorizer, Electronic Brainstorming, Group Outliner, Topic Commenter, and Vote.

Individual (mentioned in the Window on Technology on page 422) and PointCast provide personalized news and information.

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