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Elisa Bertino

Elisa Bertino is professor at the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, Director of the Cyber Center (Discovery Park) and Research Director of CERIAS.

She also heads the Database & Information Security Group carrying out groundbreaking research on protection from insider threat, security of the internet of things, sensors, embedded systems, and drones, digital identity management, data security and privacy on the cloud, privacy of mobile devices, data trustworthiness.

Her main research interests cover many areas in the fields of information security and database systems. Her research combines both theoretical and practical aspects, addressing as well applications on a number of domains, such as medicine and humanities. Current research includes:

  • privacy enhancing techniques;
  • digital identity management;
  • protection from insider threats;
  • advanced RBAC models and foundations of access control models;
  • secure computer architectures;
  • security techniques for drones and mobile sensors;
  • security for cloud, grid-computing systems and web services; 
  • data provenance techniques
  • geographical information systems and spatial databases;
  • computational social networks.

She is co-editor in chief of GeoInformatica and of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, and editor of the Synthesis Lectures on Information Security, Privacy, and Trust.

She is author of several articles in International Journals and Conference Proceedings, and is co-author of the books:

Recent Position and Keynote Papers

·         IoT Security – EDBT 2016 Keynote Talk Summary

·         Big Data – Security with Privacy

Response to RFI for National Privacy Research Strategy

·        Security with Privacy – Opportunities and Challenges, COMPSAC 2014

·        Big Data – Opportunities and Challenges, COMPSAC 2013

·        Data Security – Challenges and Research Opportunities, Secure Data Management 2013


An Early Paper on Secure Architectures

List of Publications

Teaching CS348 Spring 2016


·         ICDE 2014

·         Inaugural ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy   CODASPY

Some papers authored by our research group:

·         B. Shebaro, O. Oluwatimi, D. Midi, E. Bertino, “IdentiDroid: Android can finally Wear its Anonymous Suit” Transactions on Data Privacy 7 (2014) 27-50

·         M. Nabeel, E.Bertino, “Privacy preserving Delegated Access Comtrol in Public Clouds” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 26(9); 2268-2280 (2014)