February 2024
Latent L-systems published in ACM Transactions on Graphics.

August 2023
DeepTree Modeling Trees with Situated Latents published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics .

July 2023
The Rhizomorph news was published at

July 2023
News about our Rhizomorph Siggraph 2023 paper.

Mar 2023
Two papers accepted at Siggraph 2023 (journal).

Feb 2023
Two papers accepted at CVPR, one as highlight.

Jan 2023
Bedrich Benes is Editor in Chief of Elsevier Graphical Models..

Nov 2022
Mathieu Gaillard defended his PhD thesis “3D reconstruction of Sorghum Plants for High-Throughput Phenotyping”

Jul 2022
A new paper in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception - PTRM: Perceived Terrain Realism Metric..

Apr 2022
Bedrich Benes was elected - Eurographics Fellow.

Mar 2022
A new paper in ACM Transactions on Graphics - Procedural Urban Forestry.

Feb 2022
Informatics published our Systematic Review of Multimodal Human–Computer Interaction.

Jan 2022
I have transferred to Purdue Computer Science

Sep 2021
Another news about out AG2PI grant

Aug 2021
A news about out AG2PI grant

Aug 2021
Three papers at Siggraph Asia

Aug 2021
A Paper at UIST

Aug 2021
I became associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Games

Mar 2021
CVPR Oral Paper Accepted

Feb 2021
Eurographics 2021/CGF State of the Art Accepted

Jan 2021
New Paper in The Computers in Human Behavior published

Oct 08 2020
New Paper in The Plant Direct published

July 31 2020
Elsevier Computers & Graphics awarded Bedrich the Associate Editor of the year

July 18 2020
Honorable Mention from Best Paper Committee of EGSR: Guehl, P., Allègre, R., Dischler, J. M., Benes, B., & Galin, E. (2020, July). Semi-Procedural Textures Using Point Process Texture Basis Functions. In Computer Graphics Forum (Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 159-171).