CS 690B - Pervasive Systems, Fall 2004

Schedule of classes:

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30-2:45pm.

Room: REC 227.


Pervasive Systems includes a study of wireless and mobile networking. Emerging research issues in distributed systems/database systems in pervasive environments will be investigated. Applications to smart spaces, sensors based monitoring, cellular phones will be implemented and evaluated. A major focus will be on the issues of security, reliability, privacy, and safety in medical, military, e-commerce, and multi-media applications.

Grading policy:

Students are expected to select and read two/three research papers in depth and participate in discussion of papers assigned to others. A survey of research problems, unsolved questions, approach to solutions, and possible experiments will form a report on which the grade will be assigned. Class participation will contribute towards 25% of grade.

Reading materials:

Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems, by Dharma Prakash Agrawal and Qing-An Zeng, ISBN No. 0534-40851-6.

Research Papers in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Pervasive Computing, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Journals, and from Proceedings of IEEE Pervasive Computing Conference (2003 and 2004) will be used.

On going projects in Purdue (ECE and CS) and other universities such as UIUC, UCLA, and IBM will be selected for presentation.


Class Slides