Course Outline

Topics Duration
Architecture, General Systems Issues, Example Systems

4 hours

Distributed control for synchronization and concurrency (will include the models for concurrent processing and transactions, theory of serializability, classes of concurrency control approaches, performance evaluation of these classes, centralized control vs. decentralized control) 12 hours
Distributed commitment/termination (involves preservation of atomicity of transaction execution, blocking/non-blocking protocols, Byzantine agreement) 6 hours
Resiliency in distributed systems (involves design of protocols for 
site failure, network partitioning, loss of messages or variable 
transmission delays, consistent recovery of databases/transactions/
6 hours
Efficient Implementation of Communication Facilities Interprocess 
Communication, Shared Memory, Multicasting (kernel and physical), OS Scheduling (hand off scheduling), Scaling distributed systems over wide area networks, Implementation problems and experiences
9 hours
Design and Implementation of Prototype/commercial systems (Details of Raid of Purdue, R* of IBM, Argus of MIT, Distributed Ingres of UC-Berkeley, Camelot of CMU, Locus of UCLA and some more new systems 12 hours
Special Topics will be covered from latest literature -