CS542: Professor Bhargava

Homework 4

Due Date: March 28, 2006

Question 1:

a)   How can the ideas of "degrees of commitment" be used in increasing the performance of transaction processing during network partitioning?

b) What is view-serializability and how it can be used in network partitioning?

c) How can checkpoints  be used to maintain consistency and help in recovery after a failure?

Question 2:

a)  Quote some numbers for the latency of communication or round trip times for all types of networks across all distribution of physical sites (interprocess, LAN, MAN, WAN in US or around the world).

b)  What are the characteristics of communication in mobile networks?

c)  How the algorithms of transaction processing affected by communication behavior?

Question 3

Consider an application such as Electronic Commerce.

What type of communication behavior (in terms of round trip times, reliability) are required in such applications?

Question 4:

How do privacy issue affect distributed transaction processing? What schemes can be used to ensure privacy of database access?