CS448: Introduction to Database Systems

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Course Essentials


MWF 10:30-11:20, August 22 – Dec 10, 2016,  LWSN B134




Prof. Bharat Bhargava

·        Email: bbshail<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office: LWSN 2116F

·        Office hours: Monday 11:30-12:30 pm

·        Phone: 494-6013


 Wed. 11:30 am-1:20 pm, 1:30-3:20 pm (Richard Andreas and Aaron Rodgers), HAAS G056 Laboratory.


  Oct.5 (Wednesday) 2016, 8 - 9:30 pm (20:00 - 21:30) LWSN B155.


  Monday, December 12, 2016, 8:00am-10:00am in LWSN B134






Richard Andreas (Office: HAAS G056)

·        Email: randreas <AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: During PSO times or by appointment, HAAS G056.

·         Phone (HAAS G056): 494-5316

Aaron Rodgers (Office: HAAS G056)

·        Email: rodgers9 <AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·         Office hours: Wed 1:30 pm PSO, or by appointment.

·         Phone (HAAS G056): 494-5316

Additional Helpers


Denis Ulybyshev

·        Email: dulybysh <AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: email or by appointment.

·        Phone:  49-69405

Pelin Angin

·        Email: pangin<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: email or by appointment (Skype)

Kalid Hilal

·        Email: khilal<AT>purdue<DOT>edu

·        Office hours: by appointment

Course Description

This course covers fundamental concepts of database management systems. These concepts include database modeling and design, relational databases, and brief introduction to hierarchical, network, XML models and query languages. Introduction to transaction management will include brief details of ideas and algorithms for concurrency, atomicity, recovery, integrity, security, and privacy. Material on big data, data warehouse, data mining, multimedia, and cloud computing will be covered. Performance and tuning of components of database system and transaction processing will be included.