CS348: Information Systems

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Course Policy

For this course, we will be following Eugene Spafford's comprehensive course policy. Please be sure to read it over.

Academic Dishonesty

In case you didn't actually click & read the link above, academic dishonesty is covered in the section professional honesty & conduct. In the worst case, you can be expelled from the university. Don't do it!

Course Overview

This course covers fundamental concepts of database and information systems. These concepts include database modeling and design, relational databases, querying and SQL, object-based databases, XML and web databases, data storage, transactions, database system architectures, data mining and warehousing techniques, client/server paradigm, middleware, ODBC, JDBC, CORBA, privacy, integrity, and security. 

More specifically, the course covers the following topics:


1*.   Fundamentals of Database Systems, 5th Edition (older editions may also work), Elmasri Navathe, Addison-Wesley, 2006.

2.   Oracle 9i Programming: A Primer, Rajshekhar Sunderraman, 2004.

*   Mapping between textbook versions 5 and 6


There will be approximately four database project assignments. The projects are an important part of the course. Some of them will be SQL-related programming assignments using Oracle. There will also be approximately four home assignments, a midterm, and a final. The final exam will be cumulative.


The final grade will be based upon the following:

Programming/Project Assignments


Homework Assignments






Class Contribution




Grading assignment policy


a) Class contributions (e.g., class attendance and participation, discussions, outside reading/presentation of research papers) .... (5% of grade) You should attend all classes for highest class contribution credit.


b)  The range of scores for a grade are approximately as follows:

( >97%: A+, 94-97: A, 89-93: A-)

( >87%: B+, 83-86: B, 80-82: B-)

( >77%: C+, 73-76: C, 70-72: C-)

( >67%: D+, 60-66 D)


c)  If you do not do the projects or home works, you will get an F.


Using piazza.com

We will use piazza.com for the class. I encourage you to register there if you are not registered yet. Once you are registered, you will be able to find the class CS348 "Information Systems" and join it as a student. If you can't find the class then use the following link to sign-up for it:
Join CS348 (Fall'15) in piazza

Late Submission Policy

Penalty for late homework is 10% for each class day after due date. Problems on grading of assignments/exams/projects must be resolved within one week after the graded work is returned/project score is posted. The grades will not be modified after the one week time period.


Absence from Class

You must attend all classes. Absence in five or more classes will lower your final grade.