CS590C: Introduction to Computational Science

Ananth Grama
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CS 501 (previously known as CS590C), is the introductory course of the Computational Science and Engineering Program. The program provides students with the opportunity to study a specific science or engineering discipline along with computing in a multidisciplinary environment. The program offers both Masters and Doctoral degrees.

This objective of this course is to familiarize students from various disciplines in the science of problem solving. This includes basic computational tools (matlab, mathematica, PSEs), computational kernels of important problems, and core techniques for solving the problems. It emphasizes computer simulations as an important design tool, the role of high performance computing in large scale simulations, and the Grand Challenge problems.

The official URL containing a course outline, assignments, solutions to assignments, project descriptions and midterms is at http://www.cs/homes/ayg/CS590C/www/cs590c.html. In addition, it will also contain supplementary study material, relevant papers, and miscellaneous information.

Hope this class is informative and challenging for you all.

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