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MWF 12:30 PM, BCHM 105

Course Overview

This course deals with the concepts and theory of data structures using object oriented design principles and java as the implementation language.

  • Week 1. Design Principles (Ch.1). Data structures and algorithms.
  • Week 2. Analysis Tools (Ch.2). Asymptotic notation, asymptotic analysis.
  • Week 3. Stacks, Queues, and Linked Lists (Ch.3). Including double-ended queues.
  • Week 4. Sequences (Ch.4). Ranked, positional, and general sequences.
  • Week 5. Trees (Ch.5). Emphasis on binary trees.
  • Week 6. Trees (Ch.5).
  • Week 7. Priority Queues (Ch.6). Implementations using sequences and heaps.
  • Week 8. Dictionaries (Ch.7). Implementations using binary search trees, AVL trees, skip lists, hash tables.
  • Week 9. Dictionaries (Ch.7).
  • Week 10. Sorting, Sets, and Selection (Ch.8). Merge-sort, quick-sort, lower bound on comparison-based sorting, bucket-sort, radix-sort.
  • Week 11. Graphs (Ch.9). Graph traversal, directed graphs.
  • Week 12. Graphs (Ch.9), weighted graphs (Ch. 10).
  • Week 13. Strings (Ch.11). String ADT, Matching.
  • Week 14: Basic Algorithmic Techniques (Ch. 12).
  • Week 15. Balanced Search Trees (Ch.13).

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