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CS251: Academic Dishonesty Policy.

The following constitutes the policy governing academic dishonesty. Any infractions of this code will be dealt with STRICTLY in accordance with the established rules of Purdue University.

  • Unless explicitly stated, all work in this class is individual. Any evidence of copying or inappropriate cooperation will be considered academic dishonesty.

  • It is the students' responsibility to adequately protect their work on the computer. If you need assistance protecting your work, please contact your TA or instructor. It is a good idea to read-protect all your work and not share your password with anyone.

  • In cases of academic dishonesty, all parties will be considered equally responsible, even if one admits to copying from the other.

  • Please realize that in case you copy a homework, the penalty must be more than a zero grade for that particular homework. (If this were not the case, one would have nothing to lose by simply copying a homework that he/she had not done in the first place).