Walid G. Aref

Professor of Computer Science




Biographical Information


        Purdue University 

        Department of Computer Science 

        305 N. University Street 

        West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2107 

        Office Phone: +1 765-494-1997 

        FAX:          +1 765-494-0739  


Research Interests

Database management systems, query processing, indexing, extensibility, stream data management, spatiotemporal data management, scientific data management, privacy, data mining, and geographic information systems (GIS).


Selected Publications

·       A Tutorial on Learned Multi-Dimensional Indexes

·       Computer Science Bibliography Server

·       Google Scholar

·       Recent Papers 


Lab News     

The Database Systems Seminar

Research Projects

·       NSF- III: Small: Native Compilation, Query Processing, and Indexing for In-memory Graph Relational Data Systems (Under Construction)

·       NSF- III: Small: In-memory, Distributed, and Adaptive Spatio-textual Query Processing

·       NSF- III: Small: On the Conceptual Evaluation and Optimization of Queries in Spatiotemporal Data Systems

·       Multi-predicate Spatiotemporal Query Processing and Optimization Wiki 

·       The Chameleon Project: A Context-aware Database Management System

·       Scientific Database Management

·       EcoliHub

·       Nile: Data Stream Management System based on Incremental Evaluation

·       PLACE: Purvasive Location-Aware Computing Environment: Spatiotemporal Data Management

·       Database Technologies for Emerging Applications

·       SP-GiST: Space-partitioning Generalized Search Trees

·       vdbms: Video as a First-class Citizen in Database Systems