CS 397 Honors Seminar: Information

Times: Eight Wednesdays this semester at 2:30 - 3:20 P.M.
Tentative dates (subject to change): Sep 1, Sep 15, Sep 29, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 10, Dec 1,
CS 497 presentation.

Location: Lawson B134
Instructor Alex Pothen (apothen at purdue dot edu)
Office Hours: by appointment.
Office: Lawson 2116G

Course Schedule
Textbooks: None
Schedule of presentations (subject to change)

Sep 1: Alex Pothen
Sep 15: Jan Vitek
Sep 29: Buster Dunsmore
Oct 20: Chris Hoffmann
Nov 3: Discussion of Reports due by the end of the semester
Nov 10: Graph Coloring (Alex Pothen)
Dec 8: Presentation of Project Proposals
CS 497 presentations: Dec 6, 3-5 P.M. Lawson 2150

Grading Policy
Attendance will be taken at each lecture. A student can miss at most meeting in order to pass the course. If there are exceptional situations due to which you have to miss more than one meeting, you should obain permission from me before missing the seminar.