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Ahmed Elmagarmid
Qatar Foundation
Doha, Qatar
Phone:(974) 5523-0937

Ahmed K. Elmagarmid
  Professor of Computer Science (1988)

  BS, Computer Science
  University of Dayton (1977)
  MS, Computer and Information Science
  The Ohio State University (1981)
  PhD, Computer and Information Science
  The Ohio State University (1985)

Director of:
  Indiana Center for Database Systems (ICDS)
  The Cyber Center, Discovery Park

Professor Elmagarmid is the director of the Indiana Center for Database Systems and the Cyber Center in Discovery Park. He received a Presidential Young Investigator award from the National Science Foundation, and distinguished alumni awards from Ohio State University and the University of Dayton in 1993 and 1995, respectively.

Professor Elmagarmid's research interests focus ranges on a large spectrum of foundational and application-oriented database research. He has done work in video databases, data quality and confidentiality, data integration, web service, bioinformatics and multidatabase systems. Professor Elmagarmid has written six books and more than 150 papers. He has several active grants from state and federal government agencies and the industry.

Professor Elmagarmid is the editor-in-chief of Distributed and Parallel Databases: An International Journal, he is in the editorial board of the Information Sciences Journal, the International Journal of Communication Systems, and the editor of the book series on Advances in Database Systems. He has chaired and served on several program committees and served on several editorial boards.

Professor Elmagarmid was a chief scientist in the Office of Strategy and Technology at Hewlett-Packard (HP). While at HP, he was responsible for software strategy coming out of the corporate CTO office and contributed to HP's innovations such as cross company roadmap initiatives. He also served on the technology council for HP. Professor Elmagarmid serves as an industry consultant in the areas of database systems. He has consulted with Telcordia Technology, Bellcore, IBM, CSC, Harris, D. H. Brown and Associates, MCC, Bell Northern Research, Molecular Design Labs, and UniSql to name a few. He is the owner of a recent patent on workflow database technology.

Professor Elmagarmid leads an effort by the Qatar Foundation to establish an Alkhwarizmi Institute for Computer and Information Science and Engineering and serves as an advisor to the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha in the area of Medical Information Technology. He leads an effort to establish a gateway for a Community of Arab Scientists and Engineers (CASEhub.) He is a member of the Qatari Arab Joint Committee.

Professor Elmagarmid is interested in science and technology policy. His particular interests are in institutional and cyber infrastructure development to execute S&T strategies.