Currently, I am in second year of PhD in Computer Science at Purdue University. Working in Distributed Systems and Networking Lab under the guidance of Dr. Y. Charlie Hu. My research interests lie primarily in the domains of Data Center Networks and Computer Networks.

I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in 2015 with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I was a recipient of the prestigious Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold Medal award for excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities in the college.

When I am not in my lab you can find me at the swimming pool, or by a lake or in debate gatherings. I am also a food enthusiast. I'm frequently experimenting with new dishes at home as well as trying different restaurants. If you want to schedule a meeting with me, inviting me to your house for a dish of your native cuisine would probably be a good idea. On the world wide web you can also find me at LinkedIn.

  • Ongoing Theory of Computation

  • Ongoing Mathematical Toolkit

  • Fall 2016 Compilers

  • Fall 2016 Distibuted Computing Systems

  • Spring 2016 Distributed Systems

  • Spring 2016 Algorithms

  • Fall 2015 Operating Systems

  • Fall 2015 Data Communication and Computer Networks

This medal is awarded to a graduating student adjudged to be the best in terms of general proficiency including character,

conduct and excellence in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and social service.

This scholarship was granted to pursue research in France for a summer.

This scholarship was granted to pursue research for a summer in Germany.

Guide: Dr. Y.C Hu, Professor, EE, Purdue University.

We are working to optimize performance of analytics jobs in data center by improving their communication stage.

Our focus is to improve CoFlow completion time .

Publication: Graviton (HotCloud 2016)

Implementation of Non-blocking distributed BST C++.


Guide: Dr. Raoul Velazco, Professor, TIMA Laboratory

Developed a program for Arduino processor which provides communication via 3G between one of their experimental FPGA board,

kept at remote location, and webserver. Also developed a user friendly website for managing the experiment.

Guide: Dr. T. Venkatesh, Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Guwahati.

Identified features to classify HTTP (and HTTPS) traffic from flows using other protocols. LCPSVM was implemented in MATLAB to do

this classiffication. Upto 8% better classiffication was achieved as compared to normal SVM with these features.

Guide: Dr. Rainer Lienhart, Professor, Institut for Informatik, Universitat at Augsburg.

Automated the process of creating random poselets and positive and negative samples for it, implemented and used procrustes

distance to compare images closeness.

Proposed use of Β(2, 2) distribution for human poselets selection instead of uniform distribution.

Implementation of TCP without Time out. Course Project at Prudue.

Implemented Paging, RMS scheduling, Solaris Scheduling and few other modules on top of Xinu OS . Course Project at Purdue

Guide: Dr. P.K Das, Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Guwahati.

An application software, developed in C#, for complete management of a restaurant.

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    Purdue University,
    West Lafayette,
    IN 47907, USA.

  • Phone +1-765-494-3431