Preference And Context-Aware Query Processing for Location-based Database Servers
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Project Title: Preference And Context-Aware Query Processing for Location-based Database Servers.

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. IIS 0811954.

PI: Prof. Mourad Ouzzani

coPI: Prof. Walid G. Aref

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to turn existing location-based services to be preference- and context-aware. Enabling preference- and context-awareness will make location-based services more convenient to use by casual users and make the best use of technology advances in location-detection devices, wireless communication, and mobile computing.

The project achieves its goals using the following approaches:
  1. Defining a context taxonomy and build a system architecture to guide location-based query processors to be preference- and context-aware.

  2. Extending the SQL language with new constructs to define/manipulate preference and context.

  3. Develop new query processing techniques that integrate user preferences, user context, and database context.

  4. Develop query processing techniques that can make use of the surrounding user peers.

  5. Integrating the awareness of the continuous changes in the environmental context, like changes in the road network into query processors.

  6. Taking into account data incompleteness and uncertainty in real life scenarios. PhD students pursue research in this project. Publications, technical reports, software and experimental data from this research will be disseminated via this web site.