New Graduate Student Information

This is a digest of the information provided by the GSB to the new graduate students. It is relevant to returning students as well. Enjoy!

Mental Health

These sites contain recommended reading for all CS graduate students.

Piled Higher and Deeper

This book will also help you.

Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision to go to Grad School

Mailing Lists

The department offers many general purpose mailing lists in addition to the course lists. This one is the best (when it's not inactive).

beer@cs - use mailer add me to beer to add yourself to the list

Lectures, Colloquia, Seminars

The Conte Distinguished Lecture is not to be missed.

The Center for the Science of Information's Presitge Lecture Series is great.

The Machine Learning group has a weekly Machine Learning Seminar with big names and cool topics.

The Graphics Lab has weekly open research meetings with pizza and cool toys.

Joining the GSB

At the beginning of the Fall semester, the GSB will hold elections for it's new officers. The GSB will send out an email describing each position and soliciting self-nominations for all positions. If you want to join GSB, send an email to GSB with your name and the position you would to have. Any contested positions will go to an election by the graduate students. Even if you don't get the position to you, you can still be a member of GSB and can help in whatever way you like (modulo not getting the way of the elected officers' duties).


If you have questions about anything related to the department or graduate school in general, send mail to GSB. We will do our best to help you.

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