Solving Elliptic Problems Using ELLPACK

John R. Rice and Ronald F. Boisvert

Springer Verlag, 1984, 497 pages

Part 1: User's Guide

A complete user's guide and reference. There are many examples including several complex ones showing how ELLPACK can be used to solve elliptic problems, simultaneous equations and problems with interfaces.

Part 2: The ELLPACK Modules

Capsule descriptions of the 50 plus problem solving modules along with a substantial overview of the ITPACK software for solving large sparse systems of linear algebraic equations using iteration.

Part 3: The Performance of ELLPACK Software

Basic information on the time, memory and accuracy of ELLPACK modules to solve a set of model problems; provides insight into choosing a method for a particular application.

Part 4: Contributor's Guide

Complete information on how to prepare a new module for inclusion in ELLPACK, also useful for those doing advanced applications.

Part 5: Systems Programmer's Guide

Information about how to install ELLPACK as it is, plus information on how to tailor ELLPACK to a particular class of applications.


  1. The PDE Population
  2. The PG (Preprocessor Generator) System
  3. The Template Processor
  4. Examples of ELLPACK Statements

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