Part-time Hedge Fund Opportunity with Trexquant

Global Alpha Researcher - Trexquant Investment

Many academically-talented high-achieving individuals wonder if a career in quantitative finance is right for them. One of the most important and popular roles in quantitative finance is Alpha research, which involves developing profitable trading signals based on real-world data. Unfortunately, quantitative trading is a tight-knit industry and it is difficult to find detailed information about building a successful career in this field. To address this problem, Trexquant created the Global Alpha Research Program to provide a platform for career growth and advancement and give participants direct experience in buy-side Alpha research.

About our Company

Trexquant ( is a statistical arbitrage based technology-driven quantitative investment firm headquartered in the United States. Our researchers consist of graduates from the highest-rated science and engineering programs in the world.

We trade statistical arbitrage strategies in global equities with the goal of delivering strong risk-adjusted performance. Alpha development is key to performance and we use sources such as academic publications, as well as statistical analysis of technical and fundamental data, to continuously increase the quality and number of trading signals.

We seek bright and passionate individuals to join our talented team of Global Alpha Researchers.


- Project compensation of USD 1,000 per month, plus Performance Bonus
- Flexibility to work conveniently from anywhere in the world and during any time of the day
- Invaluable learning and networking opportunities with global hedge fund managers
- Access to proprietary technology platforms for exploring and converting ideas into signals that are tradable in the real world
- Mentoring and guidance from experienced quantitative researchers
- Full-time offers for top performers

If interested, please send your resume to